DEI Intelligence™ Training

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion is a Leadership Imperative.

We revolutionized training and offer the next generation of learning for Executives and Practitioners who lead people and champion DEI.

A tremendous gap exists detrimental to DEI’s progress: Less than 10% of the Complete DEI Roadmap to achieve Inclusion is being implemented.
We help leaders accurately and inspirationally champion DEI by building intelligence across its principles.

Building Your DEI Intelligence™

 Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion has failed because strategies are Incomplete, Incongruent, and Ineffective. Lead the Award-Winning Roadmap to achieve a diverse, equitable, and inclusive organization.

The Foundation

Learn the DEI Intelligence framework and continuously strengthen your iLQ™ (inclusive leadership quotient).

Leading Self

Increase your Comfort, Competence, Confidence, Congruence, and Credibility as an Advocate for DEI.

Leading Others

Demonstrate inclusion in any setting and situation by understanding and applying the 4 DEI Sentiments.

Leading Change

Lead progress and results through the NEXT GEN DEI Stategic Roadmap: 4 stages of Change.

What is DEI Intelligence?

DEI lntelligence™ refers to a leader’s awareness, comprehension, and proficiency in the separate, yet intersection domains of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion at the Individual, Interpersonal and Institutional level. The model is deconstructed into three separate frameworks for training purposes.

Our training and tools are at the forefront of transformative change, equipping executives with the acumen to lead by example as they evolve alongside a global business landscape. Whether you are an expert or novice, the current state of DEI compels every leadership team to exponentially strengthen their iLQ™ (inclusivity quotient).

Leadership Excellence is not achievable in today’s world without evaluating every skill, value, and attribute with Diversity layered into every competency definition.

As an example, Collaborative, and Trustworthy are well understood leadership 101 attributes but when evaluating with diversity added to the definition, will proficiency increase or decrease?

  • My confidence in collaborating across diverse groups is…
  • My capability in building trust across diverse groups is…
  • My proficiency in managing In Group/Out Group dynamics is…

To be skilled at employee engagement and motivating high performance, being DEI Intelligent is now the ‘superpower’ for every leader.

DEI Intelligence Training – 3 Options To Begin From

The Foundation

Build your lntelligence in DEI and increase your iLQ™ (inclusivity quotient).

Build your DEI lntelligence™ and increase your leadership inclusivity quotient iLQ™.

 Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion has failed because strategies are Incomplete, Incongruent, and Ineffective. Lead the Award-Winning Roadmap to achieve a diverse, equitable, and inclusive organization.

Individual Framework: Learning and Leading Self

We throw out the standard approach to diversity and bias training because it is perpetuating divide and exclusion. We believe in building Comfort and Confidence in areas of diversity where people and teams experience the greatest areas of discomfort. This has proven to be far more effective in building awareness and growth. There are 5 C’s in the DEI Intelligence Model.

Each ‘C’ has a formula that achieves the following:

  • COMFORT: Participate in discussions without fear of landlines.
  • CONFIDENCE: Assert, disagree or even challenge ideas on diversity as an advocate
  • COMPETENCE: Understand how to resolve ‘diversity dilemmas’ accurately and effectively.
  • CONGRUENCE: Interact with others and align your decisions with inclusive values
  • CREDIBILITY: Be trusted as an inclusive leader across all 4 DEI Sentiments (see the Interpersonal Framework below).

Executives learn through a series of DEI topics that face are the most pressing issues of today’s workplaces.

 Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion has failed because strategies are Incomplete, Incongruent, and Ineffective. Lead the Award-Winning Roadmap to achieve a diverse, equitable, and inclusive organization.

Interpersonal Framework: Learning and Leading Others

4 DEI SENTIMENTS are akin to DISC and its value,

Developed from ten years of research, we explain why and how DEI is disengaging 80-90% of an entire workforce. A dramatic upsurge in engagement is attained by learning how to raise equal attention to all four voices through the 4 DEI Sentiments within the same activity and in your DEI strategy.

  • Learn the perceptions, attitudes, and priorities of each sentiment
  • Recognize the key variables in any situation and how to objectively analyze dilemmas through each lens
  • Acquire skills to communicate inclusively: written, verbal, presentation, meetings, memos, large and small group settings
  • Understand ‘isms, bias, belonging and any DEI learning topic through this model
  • Plan, analyze and evaluate every DEI effort before and after implementation
  • Optimize the quality, inclusion, and belonging across your DEI strategy

Applying the Faulted, Inspired, Subdued, or Failed characteristics will immediately increase your inclusivity quotient.





INSTITUTIONAL fRAMEWORK: learning and Leading change

Organizations are only implementing approximately 10% of the whole roadmap required to achieve diversity, equity, and inclusion. Learning the accurate and complete passage to orchestrate organizational change is fundamental to DEI Intelligence.

This is a must attend series for every C Suite deciding DEI’s fate to receive the tactical playbook bringing a new accountability to championing a diverse, equitable, and inclusive workplace.

  • Understand the stages required in every DEI strategic plan currently missing in every organization
  • Learn the 5 micro steps in recruitment where bias resides and the key to diversifying that are unaddressed in current best practices literature
  • Discover Equity specifically in talent processes and if ignored, increases exposure of risk in negligent decisions
  • Discuss the most resisted solutions that must be implemented before DEI can be achieved
  • Unpack the $9B industry spend and where redirection is required to produce measurable ROI

Augment your existing strategy with the NEXT GEN DEI Roadmap. By request, this series includes assessing and customizing your ascension roadmap.

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