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Address the REAL challenges businesses face with DEI today

Every organization has their own unique DNA that sculpts how to create change. We guide a roadmap meticulously crafted to match your needs and your conditions.

  • We support our clients in the uncomfortable zone where DEI lives in a nonjudgmental, psychological safe way

  • We manage the tension that exists between the sentiments who feel faulted, inspired, subdued, and failed with DEI

  • We dismantle biases hidden in the culture, practices, and systems with solutions that advances business growth goals

  • We improve the credibility of senior leadership perceived as disconnected and insincere with their commitment

  • We disrupt stagnated or complacent efforts and co-guide the 5 pivots every DEI initiative needs to make


“I treat every climb with the same sincerity as the first.” – Sherpa Kami Rita


We Are Redirecting and Transforming your DEI Journey

new DEI Summit Strategy™

For those who are burned out doing the same thing hoping for a different result and for those, frankly, ready to defy the status quo and leap at a chance to be front runners leading a cutting-edge transformational strategy – The Time Is Now.

Proprietary Assessments

Our proprietary assessments offers a set of tools completely differentiated from the industry that blends qualitative and quantitative data to guide learning, measurable results, and best next steps.

Specifically for leadership teams responsible for championing DEI, a learning and strategy session facilitating an unparalleled experience that educates, deconstructs, and rebuilds DEI’s path.

Executive DEI Masterclass

Leadership Programs & Executive Coaching

Our award-winning programs are unlike any other facilitated by Leadership Experts of Color specializing in diversity, bias, and executive excellence; elevating and advancing senior leaders customized to accomplish their unique goals.

For every strategy at its infancy or maturity stage we help ensure your roadmap has continuity, balance and progression across four key stages essential to achieving DEI’s ideal vision.

DEI Consultation & Strategy

Training & Workshops

Our next generation learning and development series builds leaders’ DEI Intelligence, excellence, and efficacy to lead congruently and credibility in today’s global workplace environments.

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