DEI Consultation

Companies are spending $8B for Diversity in comparison to the $166B spend for Leadership Development.

Yet, Leadership Development initiatives are not considered failing despite 75% of the workforce being disengaged due to their direct manager. DEI is a severely under resourced check the box solution that has no chance at success without DEI Subject Matter Expertise. To advance diversity, equity, and inclusion, deserves thought partnership, support and strategy execution with trained professionals.

DEI Strategy

For any initiative at any stage, we accurately identify the current state of the DEI Death Zone ™ and determine aspects within your existing strategy to continue, reignite or pivot to ensure alignment with the DEI Summit Strategy ™

Executive Team Facilitation

Dr. B’s unique specialization is bringing senior leadership teams together to discuss, debate, and align so they ultimately unite in their understanding, position and actions integrating DEI and business. This work yields the most effective results and is most needed during uncertainty, expansion, and growth.

Chief Diversity Officer (external)

The average turnover for CDO’s is three years due to insufficient support from senior leaders, limited power, and lack of resources. An external CDO lifts restrictive influence and establishes greater advocacy to advance the entire organization and its workforce.

Subject Matter Expertise is Required for DEI similar to qualifications that are required for performing surgery, litigating cases, constructing buildings, Flying Aircrafts or Guiding climbers to the summit of Mt. Everest.


Serving C Suite Teams, Board of Directors, and Senior Leadership Teams providing development, strategy, and partnership with your credibility and congruence to DEI across the organization.
Supporting CDO’s, DEI Professionals, and D&I Committees with strategy, navigating change and dynamics, and driving DEI forward.

Partnering with CPOs, Human Capital Managers, and Teams to learn, integrate, and advance DEI across the HR functions and business.

Resource to DEI Industry including management consulting companies, research departments, conference organizers, certificate programs, and award agencies to accurately guide the future of DEI’s success.
Providing best-in-class executive coaching and leadership programs for leaders to navigate and emerge from the DEI Death Zone™ to advance in their careers.
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