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What path will you take?

DEI is at a crossroads faced with a critical choice

Stay on the current, easier path of least resistance with no change or take a left turn to embark on a challenging, yet transformative new strategy and become front runners in achieving new heights with diversity, equity, and inclusion.

The Real Work.

A culture of silence is being perpetuated where fear of consequence to speak the truth is palpable at all levels. Discussing bias and inequity comes at great risk. This power dynamic is the real work for inclusion that belonging does not address. Breaking down these barriers to build bridges that connects decisions with change is the starting point to advancing diversity, equity, and inclusion.

We are a different type of company uniquely specializing working with C Suite leaders who:

  • already believe in the moral and business imperative for diversity, equity, and inclusion

  • seeking to fulfill their espoused commitment to their organization

  • invested in their leadership legacy and impact

  • eager to be challenged differently that elevates their leadership capability

  • are competitive and wish to set themselves apart from their industry

Our Values

Let us help you ascend the peak of DEI

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Our Vision

Our vision is for every individual to experience an environment that embraces and inspires their highest, truest spirit of inclusive leadership.

Our Mission

We shine light on the path that triumphs past the death zone empowering each leader, executive team and organization to ascend the aspirational peak of diversity, equity, and inclusion one step forward and up at a time.

Our Invitation

Over the next 5 years, we will partner with 25 executive teams who will adopt the DEI SUMMIT Strategy™ that will revolutionize best practices and how corporations are awarded. Our support will be without limitation.

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