Proprietary Assessments

Our tools are the most targeted solutions offered in the DEI marketspace

Diversity, equity, and inclusion beyond intent, delivering impact.

Achieve your business growth ambitions in parallel with your inclusion aspirations.


A culture of inclusion means the fear of consequence is not present and authenticity, allyship, and truth is rewarded without an implicit profile of leadership where codeswitching is an expected norm. Bias, microaggressions, and oppressive decisions are not enabled or permitted. Our tools measure advocacy and ascension characteristics to support the ideal culture of inclusion.


Our DEI assessment and development tools are designed to learn the distance between intent versus impact, perception versus experience bringing equal significance to the different competencies required for Diversity; for Equity, and for Inclusion.


Our research found Equity to be the most neglected and oppressed component of DEI. It is the least visible activity that is the lesser “feel good” activity comparative to employee resource groups, speakers, gatherings, or committees. Yet, the most silent part of DEI is the most critical because only through equity will diversity at the highest levels and inclusion will be achieved.


There are five key advocacy characteristics that distinctively advance DEI. We train, develop, and measure the degree of these behaviors in correlation to the advancement of DEI efforts.

Proprietary Tools constructed from our DEI Research, Social and Development Psychology, and change management Principles. Data-based insights for accurate ascension solutions.

Quantitative Assessment

Measures the presence and degree of DEI Summit Strategy™ attributes in culture and practices. This tool is designed to provide truth through data and targeted solutions that supports a culture of inclusion as the culture of silence is dismantled.

DEI ADVOCACY 5 is designed for C Suite leaders responsible for leading, sponsoring, championing, advancing or supporting DEI initiatives.

This report reviews the 5 Advocacy characteristics that promote and 5 unconscious barriers that prohibit the advancement of DEI with targeted solutions to remove barriers and amplify advocacy to accelerate DEI progress across the business.

INCLUSIVE LEADERSHIP INSTRUMENT encourages leaders to evaluate their Skill, Comfort, and Knowledge with each component of DEI.  For those who are currently managing people or aspire to manage teams, this tool is ideal for you. Administer as a self-assessment, or as part of a promotion process, and for development purposes only to increase awareness, understanding, and critical manager skills with diversity, with equity, and with inclusion.

This is a unique diagnostic tool in the marketplace for executive teams. EXECUTIVE TEAM HEATH is a blended quantitative and qualitative assessment. This informational tool is designed as a confidential peer review to learn current state on their Executive Health Continuum Scale.

Administered for pre- and post- measurement to track progress and ROI of focused efforts.

Qualitative Assessment

Unique and highly specialized, qualitative proprietary process that assesses the presence of bias from end-to-end talent management systems to dismantle bias and reconstruct equity.

The most effective solution for recruitment, retention, talent pipeline, and promotion goals.

A deep dive to gain insight into experiences and perceptions. One of the most sought after processes conducted by Dr. B due to the comprehensive, engaging analysis and reporting method.

Quickly and efficiently uncovers behaviors, micro dysfunctions, and limitations. Brings the hidden and unspoken to the surface, facilitating out of and through the tension into collective greatness.

Comprehensive Analysis. Actionable Solutions.

Blending Technology, Psychology, and Change Strategy

Preventing Diverse Pipelines

79%  rejected equity assessments

Preventing the Right Solutions

85% dismissed diverse, marginalized voices

Preventing Real Learning

93% offered insufficient bias training

2022 DEI Death Zone™ Research

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