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Dr. Tiffany Brandreth is affectionately referred to as either Dr. T. or Dr. B by her clients. She is a leadership and organizational psychologist uniquely specializing in the intersection between Bias, Power, and Equity within Behavior, Process, Culture and Hierarchy.

Her expertise with C Suite teams was earned through “speaking truth to power” long before its concept was coined, examining their health through foundational principles in systems theory, human behavioral sciences, and positive psychology. This gained the breadth and depth of experience within the toughest arenas partnering, challenging, and elevating executive leadership teams where she uncovers “What is being left unsaid?” as the source where breakthroughs occur, greatness thrives, and change begins.

Dr. B. has been quietly yet powerfully shaping the DE&I field as one of the original pioneers since the late 1990s. Her vast experience leveraged from both internal and external leadership roles has kept her strategies, guidance, and approach rooted in reality as opposed to idealist theories impractical for the complexities and politics only understood from being on the ‘inside.’

Clients are kept confidential due to the risk, liability, or implications that bias, oppression, and truth can bring, unless permission to disclose. Anonymity is never compromised which allows the right and real work to get accomplished.

Quality over Quantity; Principle over Promotion; Truth over Preservation. These operating principles are why Tiffany’s reputation precedes her as a highly trusted, heavy weight disruptor yet with a delicate touch that inspires all to evolve. She is stepping out more visibly with urgency to help the industry re-think, re-educate and re-ignite DEI.

Transforming Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion that benefits and elevates all people, communities, and corporations is the fuel and and purpose to Dr. Brandreth’s company.

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CEO Message

“Will this be kept confidential…?The number one question I receive from leaders at all levels in fear of their truth having consequence.

“They are never going to change. The most repeated sentiment I hear about leaders and their DEI commitment.

These two questions on the left side are the foundation by which our work together begins. Our pursuit for the glory of inclusion is truly within our reach but only if we address the source from where these questions persist. Otherwise our pace of progress from the last decades will remain relatively the same as the next ten years closes in. I cannot accept this for our community.

We are different. We are confident in the results of our competence to say we are also better. We are not here to persuade leaders in the benefit and value of diversity, equity, and inclusion. Our market is oversaturated with data and research to support that.

We are here for the leaders already bought into the DEI moral and business imperative. We are here for those of you in pursuit of a greater partnership. You want to do it better and you are ready to do it differently.

DEI is at a crossroads being faced with a critical choice: stay on the current, easier path of least resistance or embark on a transformative new strategy that will expand and elevate your impact, value, and leadership. We are on the precipice for an incredible breakthrough. Today you have an incredibly exciting but important decision to make.

With earnest certainty and conviction, we ask you to Join Our Invitation. Take a left turn and be the new trailblazers to summit DEI’s vision with us. Our dedication to support your ascension is without limitation. This is not a race or a competition. We climb at your pace, one step forward and one step up at a time.

Onwards and Upwards,

“I must state that I have a full smile just thinking and reflecting on how much I have gained from you, our group, and this program.  You have navigated us through some heavy topics with an unwavering vision that we will come out better. You led us with empathy, a heart, and a sense of care that could be felt as if you were present with each of us individually in the same room even though some of us, like myself, sat almost 3,000 miles away.  I felt I was 3 feet away from you in the manner that you listened and you supported me through the process. I can honestly say you have made me a better person.”
Manager, Privately-Held Company
“Tiffany pushed me hard. I am better off for it. She worked through concepts to help me be a better leader and through several work-related issues where I did not really have a good alternative thinking partner but really needed support. She is passionate about leadership, very genuine, and was a really good match to be my coach.”
Leader, Family-Owned Business
“Dr. B’s attention to detail taught us how we were doing it wrong without making us feel bad. It was uncomfortable but we had discussions we needed to have for the first time after some of us working years together. Working with Dr. B was powerful. It changed us.”
Vice President, Fortune 500
“Dr. T’s work impacted me in ways that is hard to put into words. I think differently and I see things I didn’t notice before. I feel like I am more thoughtful about people and situations even at home. I know I am a better leader because of it.”
Chief Operations Officer, Private Company
“Our Executive Team is at another level after working with Dr. T. We weren’t at the best place. In fact, I was expecting our sessions to be more confrontational but she has such a skill in how she explains things. It was not easy and it was a lot more work than what we expected. But it was worth it.”
Senior Leader, Global Fortune 500
“Dr. T quickly partnered with us to understand our needs and brainstormed with us Her life experiences, her compassion and her empathy were invaluable to ensure that our messaging reflected the moment in time. The first session she led for us she passionately spoke about ‘standing up for something. The conversation at times was both raw and emotional and I was so proud of how honest and vulnerable my colleagues were. In just one session Dr. T embraced and inspired everyone’ It was the start of a powerful relationship that has created a learning journey for us. I am so proud of the work we have done together, feel confident in the plans we have and most importantly, so proud of the friendship we have developed.”
Senior Leader, Global Fortune 500
“I see myself as pretty knowledgeable with DEI. I have attended a lot of different trainings. I learned things I never thought of before. It was really insightful.”
Chief Financial Officer, Private Company
“Dr. Brandreth is a disruptor! She makes you think differently and she immediately made an impact in a short amount of time that could be felt throughout our company. Every company needs to have someone like Tiffany in their corner.”
Vice President, Multinational Company

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