Change Begins and Ends At The Top

A Special Masterclass Exclusively for Executive Teams

The Executive DEI Masterclass is a 1-Day a blended Learning & Strategy session. Every executive team championing their DEI commitment will learn how to emerge from the DEI Death Zone™ and achieve a diverse, equitable, and inclusive workplace based upon a new set of best practices leading DEI’s future.

Following this Masterclass, teams may complete The 5×5 DEI Plan in 30 Days as your roadmap to ascend the peak of DEI.

Executive DEI Masterclass

A Transformational Redirection

 Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion has failed because strategies are Incomplete, Incongruent, and Ineffective. Lead the Award-Winning Roadmap to achieve a diverse, equitable, and inclusive organization.

The 5×5 DEI Plan

In 30 Days Upgrade, Augment or Establish Your DEI Strategic Plan

Step 1

Attend the Executive DEI Masterclass together.

Step 2

Assess the 5 Biases causing the DEI DEATH ZONE™.

Step 3

Assess the 5 advocacies enabling DEI’s ascension.

Step 4

Build your Ascension Plan to augment your strategy.

Step 5

Take first steps completing Phase 1 of your 5×5 plan.

What is 5×5?

5 Biases x 5 Advocacy Attributes

Augment, course correct or establish your strategy in 30 Days through The 5×5 DEI Plan. Eradicate the 5 biases causing DEI’s stagnation and amplify the 5 attributes as prerequisites for its ascension.

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An experience unlike any other for senior leadership teams, boards, human resources, and diversity & inclusion departments.