Training & Development

“Changing Hearts and Minds” And We Extend Into “Transforming Behaviors and Being”

Development means building new muscles, the more we condition the more capable we become. When we stop working out, we lose our strength and conditioning. The same is true for DEI. We must consider Longitudinal learning as a business priority for anyone responsible for leading people.

5 Development Stages

Learning is a progressive and iterative process. We develop a comprehensive learning plan that moves people from “thinking to feeling to behaving, and into being” that will translate towards inclusive and equitable decisions.

Moving From Intent to Impact

Learn the five unconscious biases that are preventing the progress for DEI, an entirely different approach to unpacking and dismantling bias.

This course is for senior leaders and diversity practitioners who are decision-makers and advocates advancing DEI.

Diversity Dilemmas

Each person holds one of these roles at any point in time when a situation occurs. To be an ally, necessitates the ability to recognize bias, identify the role at that given time, know who holds the power, to determine the optimal response.

Acting with “good intentions” in any one of these roles may unintentionally create more harm than help. Learn comfort and confidence in moments that matter to you and those around you.

a More Effective Learning Approach

We provide a different type of learning experience to increase your comfort, develop your skills, and increase your confidence to allow your authentic advocacy to shine and influence. We remove the ‘egg shell’ feeling when communicating your ideas, opinions, and perspective that liberates you from fear and self doubt.

Each organization and leadership team is at a different stage with their DEI skills and knowledge that we factor to develop and design a meaningful, enlightening, and impactful experience.