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Our Signature Leadership Programs

  • Develops excellence as an Inclusive, Transformational Leader delivering impact, influence, and results

  • Incorporates three comprehensive progressive levels of Leading Self, Leading with Others, and Leading Business
  • Advises Executive, Strategic Communication that positions ideas, influences decisions and gains buy-in

  • Navigates death zone dynamics and conditions faced by underrepresented, diverse individuals
  • Provides strategic guidance to Speaking With Power not as a single, linear event but as ongoing shifting variables

  • Skillfully address bias and manage allyship that factors culture, context and complexity for the optimal outcome

Leading Self

Mastery of Self is the catalyst for reconditioning and learning new mental models congruent with your core values created by you versus by society or image.

Leading People

Mastery of Relationship with Others is the ability to honor self and honor others that eliminates comparison, competition, and replaces with collaboration, partnership, and balanced power dynamics in professional and personal settings.

Leading Business

Mastery of Circumstances and Outcomes is only achieved through mastery of self and others. It opens the clarity to make critical decisions not clouded with any motive hidden in the ego. It acutely provides judgment to disrupt or remain, to push or pause, to change and move business forward with sound instinct and rationale.

Woman On Purpose 9×9™

A breakthrough leadership program designed exclusively for women gaining mastery between Ego and Excellence. One of a kind program, unmatched experience.

Bring To Your Company

Lead on Purpose 5×5

Exclusively designed for diverse men learning the 5 Pillars of leadership excellence in managing the dual roles being one-up and one-down allies for DEI.

Bring To Your Company

Excellence on Purpose™

A groundbreaking program for executive leaders who learn the strengths they utilize have plateaued until integrating DEI into theses skills and through this leadership excellence is reached.

Bring to your company

speak truth to power

“Speak Truth To Power” is continually advised yet in our research, 62% of leaders advocating for DEI penalized employees performance or advancement when doing so.

Our formula to inspire, empower, and develop diverse leaders is responsible, realistic, and understands long term career implications.

How do you increase your agility and skills to navigate these conditions?

The acumen required in chess is the same discipline and variable analysis every complex situation necessitates. Learn to strategize approach and forecast moves. Assess risk and anticipate implications. Follow instinct and exercise judgment within pace of organizational change.

Our signature programs are designed with principles blending neuroscience, cognitive behavior psychology, industrial organizational psychology, and business strategy in belief that we must develop the whole person to develop the whole leader to create impact for the whole business.


Setting Benchmarks for Progress

360-Degree leadership

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Leadership Clinics

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Interactive Learning

Irreplaceable Learning, Indispensable Growth

Group Coaching

Virtual Sessions for Concept Integration

Community and connection

Practice Team Leadership Dynamics

1:1 Executive Coaching

Individualized Accelerated Progress

Strategic and Situational

A Personalized Excellence Plan